This is an unabashed account of life as a mental health patient in the British Criminal Justice System, the effects of sexual abuse, the stigma, the assumptions, the heartache and the consequences. It’s written as a form of therapy, guidance and possibly some hope.

From being sexually abused to becoming a sex offender, this journey is a complicated and difficult journey, a confusing and emotional tale. I don’t expect everything to make sense, I don’t expect any sympathy or pity, I don’t expect any judgement.

As a “survivor” of childhood sexual abuse, I’ve survived, lived, worked, loved and started to raise a family and then one day, I myself, become a convicted sex offender. I don’t know how, I think I know why, and I will share my stories to help me try and piece together my life up to this moment and what I could have done different.
This is a real story and a tale of how speaking out could have saved me if only I had the courage earlier to face my demons rather than try to tackle them alone and protect everyone.

There will be humour, there will be tears, there will be joy and there will be pain.

But this is my tale and I’d love to tell you it.

Out of the Dark we’ll Shine